Are You Cool Enough For Michael Jeffries?

If you’re involved in any kind of social media, chances are you’ve read about the statement made by the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael Jeffries.  If not, I don’t want to be the only one who’s holding a torch and pitchfork, so take a look at this….

What a multi-million dollar douchebag.

What a multi-million dollar douchebag.

When I first read about this, I was offended on so many levels:  as a curvy woman whose left boob probably wouldn’t fit into an Abercrombie & Fitch’s size L t-shirt; as a parent who is trying like hell to raise kids who are accepting, kind, and respectful of others; and as a decent human being who doesn’t like it when someone acts like an asshole – especially when that asshole is marketing to kids.

When I brought this up with my 14-year old daughter and decisively told her that we would never buy another piece of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing, she got angry…. which in turn made me angry.  I wanted her to join in the fight and be as outraged as I was about this man’s prejudicial opinions, but she wasn’t.  After a few minutes of bickering back and forth, it was clear that neither one of us wanted to budge.  So, we left the subject lying on the ground like a hot coal we didn’t know how to extinguish.  She stormed off to school and my head erupted like Krakatoa.

Michael Jeffries can kiss my XL SIZED ASS!!!!

Michael Jeffries can kiss my XL SIZED ASS!!!!

Once I simmered down, I thought about our conversation. In hindsight, I probably should have waited to talk about this when I could approach it logically rather than emotionally.  Although, given the fact that this subject is a bit of a hot button for me, I might’ve had to wait until she was collecting social security before I could’ve talked about it logically.

But I should have at least told her what I read and then asked her opinion on the subject, rather than acting like the parent Nazi.  Because once you tell a teenager they can’t do something, it becomes irresistible.  Even if you pick something they wouldn’t normally have done – like telling them that they’re never allowed to inject puppies with heroin…. you’d better believe some puppies will be tripping before bedtime.

I think my daughter saw not being allowed to wear Abercrombie & Fitch as the social status stock market crash of 2013.  Kids like to fit in because it means more friends and less bullying.  But often times, fitting in comes with a big price tag – in this case, it’s $58 for a pair of sweatpants…. and your immortal soul.

The message I wanted to send to my daughter, and to Michael Jeffries for that matter, is that it’s wrong to discriminate against someone based solely on his or her appearance.  And when we bear witness to that atrocity, we need to rally against it and prove that we care more about justice than we do about the label on our shirt.


I think the only reason Michael Jeffries still has a job, is because he chose overweight people as his target.  If he had blatantly stated that he didn’t want any minorities wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, he probably would’ve been fired and then burned over a pyre of his own overpriced clothing (or at least made to pay $50 million dollars in racial discrimination lawsuits like he did back in 2004).  But it seems a person’s weight is still fair game in the world of discrimination – whereas discrimination based on race, religion and sex (while still undeniably present) are a bit more taboo, more camouflaged  behind bureaucratic bullshit.

It is still socially acceptable to crack a few fat jokes, and portray overweight people in the media as lazy, unattractive and gluttonous.  These movie/TV characters are often seen as punchlines, not people – sadly, I think the same holds true off the big screen as well…. especially where Michael Jeffries and his stupid moose boxer shorts are concerned.

By saying that he only markets to “cool and good-looking” kids is the equivalent of saying that he doesn’t want ugly, fat kids wearing his brand (or working in his stores).  This guy has balls the size of cantaloupes not only for making such a brazen statement, but also for saying it while looking like this….

The only thing this guy should be railing against  is plastic surgery and botox injections.

The only thing this guy should be railing against
is plastic surgery and botox injections.

But there is one thing I love about Michael Jeffries’ statement – that he shot himself in the foot with it.  The world now knows him for the shallow, elitist prick he is, and it’s my fervent wish that his company will be deemed just as pathetic as his attempts to hold onto his youth.


79 thoughts on “Are You Cool Enough For Michael Jeffries?

  1. I never thought much of Abercrombie & Fitch before, but looking at Jeffries’ statement and his face, I think he’s doing his own clothes an injustice by wearing them.

    • I was thinking the same thing! How delusional do you have to be to go on a tirade about only good-looking people wearing your brand when you look like a botched science experiment?? Like I said before, balls the size of cantaloupes!!

    • I absolutely agree. I can’t say that I would classify him as the cool guy, just based on his appearance. LOL. Sure that is shallow of my, but what’s good for the goose, right? Normally I wouldn’t criticize, but some people are just begging for it.

    • As I was doing research for this entry, I came across a whole slew of articles about how he was over-sexualizing little girls with his thong underwear (with the adult messages written on the ass – “eye candy” and “wink wink”. REALLY?!). And instead of apologizing for it, he actually tried to JUSTIFY it!! He thought mothers were over-reacting and that the underwear was “cute”.

      I agree with you – total asshat.

  2. THANK YOU for this post! We don’t shop at Abercrombie (don’t care for the clothes) but LOVED the advice on talking to a teenager. I have one of those and will try to REMEMBER your words when my “back is up” about something!

  3. Yeah, gotta pick our battles with the kids. This numb nuts is almost 70 for gods sake. Let it go sir! He has a nasty Gary Busey thing going on. If you don’t want to sell XL clothes then don’t, but there’s no need to trumpet your equating fat people with uncool. I’d rather hang out with John Pinette or Oprah one night rather than this douche any day.

    • When I was researching this douchebag, I came across an article that had a quote in it that made me laugh –

      “….On a thread on the image and link-sharing site Reddit titled “Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch. Too ugly to work at his own stores.” one user noted that he looked like “a deformed Gary Busey.” “You know it’s bad when you look worse than Gary Busey,” another replied…..”

      And I agree with you about Abercrombie not being obligated to stock XL clothes in their stores (although they do for men – guys go up to 2XL, but women only L), it was more the fact that he was so unapologetic and nasty about it that made me want to smack the shit out of him.

  4. Great Post and thanks for sharing. I see these things relaxed. It’s my philosophie that everything you give out, comes back. Not always promptly, but it comes back. Althougt I like to dress up I do not not feel the need look like Barbiedoll or buying overpriced brands. Let’t me tell you I’ve never heared about that oddball dude and he doesn’t matter anything to me. I know there is the argument of group pressure but following other peoples rut can never create anything new 🙂 By the way, behave against all political correctness was probably the most effectic advertisment he could do. Each repeating confirms that….

    • I think in the case of Michael Jeffries, his karma came back in the form of a really horrible plastic surgeon 🙂

      I see the point you’re making about any press (even negative), is good press. There are articles popping up all over the internet about this asshole now. But I think after all the dust settles, he will have put a lot of people off his brand. Beginning with the 36% of America who are struggling with their weight.

      • Basicly I agree with you but otherwise I claim we all could take a page from his book. I know that must sound provoking, what I mean is his selfconfidence. Despite the fact, that he’s an ugly dude, he sales his imagine of beautyness. I know so many talentet people who block themself with to many doubts. I other words – If you truely belive you are ok, nobody can make you feel bad with an arrogant statement

        • While I respect your opinion, I whole-heartedly disagree. I wouldn’t take so much as a single sentence from Michael Jeffries’ book. I think it’s possible to be self-confident and have a strong vision for yourself, both personally and professionally, without making others feel like crap. I also think you can be successful while still being kind-hearted and generous.

          Teenagers are at such a delicate age, and they need adults who can help build them up not tear them down and make them feel any worse about themselves than they do just walking down the halls in their high schools. Should they feel good about themselves despite what assholes like Michael Jeffries think? In a perfect world, yes. But the teenage world is tumultuous at best, and far from perfect. They need to see that adults are interested in the strength of their character, and not whether or not they can fit into an A&F t-shirt.

  5. Thanks for this blog!!! I imagine that I was not the only one that didn’t know about this.
    Some stores deserve to be boycotted.

    • Thanks! I’m sure there are a bunch of people who haven’t heard about this yet – which is why I wrote the blog entry. Well, that and the fact that if I didn’t, Michael Jeffries’ statement was going to continue to haunt me forever. Now that I’ve purged everything I have to say on the subject, I can enjoy the pleasure of never thinking about this jerk ever again.

  6. I know of a lot of clothing companies that only market towards either sex, I know clothing companies that market towards certain social classes? Is this truly any different? Don’t we as a society only have one size seat in the airplane or bus, only have one size walkway through the stores? If he as a company’s CEO decides not to. Make a certain article of clothing, isn’t he allowed? Are we as a society also allowed to shop some where else???

    • Absolutely he has the right to only market towards a certain group of people – my problem wasn’t the fact that A&F doesn’t carry XL women’s clothing (though he does carry XXL size men’s clothing), it was Michael Jeffries’ heartless statement.

      Which of course he has the right to make, just as I have the right to call him a multi-million dollar douchebag. And you have the right to disagree with me. Gotta love freedom of speech.

  7. I’ve never been into any of their stores simply because the stench of cologne and/or perfume wafting from the place gives me a frickin’ migraine. Then there’s the loud obnoxious music. Now, there’s this douche, who is reason enough to never step foot in one of those stores for all eternity.

    I do find it ironic that he markets only to good-looking people though his face looks like it was badly chiseled out of rock. Could his chin and cheeks stick out any further?

    • LOL, I know! The guy is a walking contradiction. And his store’s atmosphere is just as abrasive and annoying as he is. I really should thank the guy for giving me a reason to never step foot in there again. Think I should send him thank you card and a gift certificate for a free botox injection?

  8. A&F is one of the most unethical companies on the planet. I did a bunch of research on them for a business ethics paper a few years ago, and was initially shocked at how disgusting they are. He does NOT just target overweight folks – his company has also been sued (or is still in the process of being sued, not sure which) for harrassing employees into quitting due to religious beliefs (like a female employee wearing a hijab) or disabilities. One employee got into an accident and had to have an arm amputated. They removed the employee from the sales floor and required them to only work in the back stockrooms, which required lots of lifting and folding. When the employee could no longer perform job duties adequately, they fired them. They also have a line called “Gilly Hicks” or something similar, that markets lingerie to pre-teens.

    I’d love it if any of this information could help your daughter see the problems with this company. Sometimes being “cool” just isn’t worth it.

    • Yeah, the more I read about this guy (when I was researching for this blog entry), the more reasons I found to dislike him – and you just added a couple more I hadn’t heard about! It seems that Michael Jeffries’ dream is to create this perfect, homogenized world for himself (and his company). Wait, that dream reminds me of someone…. who was it…. it’s on the tip of my tongue…. oh, that’s right – HITLER.

      It’s my wish that my daughter will come around – probably when she’s older and doesn’t give a shit about peer pressure.

  9. I just had this conversation with my son this morning explaining what a tool Jeffries is and how I won’t support his store or his plastic surgery habit. I hope enough people step up and put this ugly douche bag out of business!

  10. I can’t stand A&F even before all this hullabaloo. Whenever I pass by an A&F at the outside mall near my house, it always has way to much cologne/perfume scent coming out of it and the music is WAY to loud. I don’t think I’ve ever stepped a toe into that store. And I never will.

    • I agree – I was just saying (in reply to another commenter) that the store’s atmosphere is just as abrasive and annoying as Michael Jeffries. I wouldn’t be able to make it passed the scantily clad pretty boys before the insta-migraine (from his cheap cologne/perfume) set in.

  11. WOW – I must be living under a rock lately – did not hear about A&F! However, I did run into this issue a few months back with another retailer who does not provide anything higher than a size 12 for women – REALLY!!! Kids are very much trend setters and want to fit in with their peers! If I wanted anything trendy I would have to pay for it fully or partially growing up and learned pretty quickly that clothes are not worth spending big monies on because in a few years time it does not fit or is out of style. Good Luck:)

    • I think that’s a great parenting strategy actually – make the kid pay (at least partially) for designer brands if they want them. Not only gives them a better sense of what a dollar is worth (which in these kinds of stores, isn’t much), and also makes them really think about what’s important to them.

      I won’t tell my daughter I got the idea from you…. otherwise she might try to hunt you down.

  12. Linda, I must say that I ALWAYS love love your blog. Ususally I have no time to respond, but…Well said. I can’t believe this guy. How dare he make kids feel less than, that they don’t deserve to be in his clothes. Especially coming from ths guy, who looks like a mutant Gary Bussey after a science experiment went wrong, very, very wrong. Now a few years ago, I was able to fit into these clothes( I have the opposite of you…noboobsatall disease, but I did not buy them I thought it was overpriced crap (and of course too young for me. Now I have had a baby I would never be able to fit in his clothes, guess I am a waste of space in this world since I’ve gained back some weight according to this jerk. Luckily my daughter is 3 and no fights about clothes yet. Being a kid and teenager is tough and now they have to hear that they should be judged on how they look rather for what’s inside their hearts. He is a disgrace! He has a big black smelly gooey hole where his heart once was, if there was ever one there in the first place!!!!! Give it up old man!!!!!

    • Thanks so much, Maureen! I really appreciate the comment about my blog.

      I agree that this guy is a soulless, heartless jerk. I cringed when I read his comment, not just because it was a dick thing to say, but also because I thought about all the teens who might read it and feel badly about themselves afterwards. It’s hard enough being a teenager without some guy telling you you’re ugly and uncool because you don’t fit into his clothes.

      But karma came back to bite him in the ass…. or in his case, the face 😀

  13. Mmmm, never heard of the guy but you made me look him up (I hate you for that). Found a great article on him where a gay men’s magazine made him “douche of the week”. The guy travels with three dogs and a male friend but I haven’t seen him admit he’s gay. Whew, because I am sure the gay world doesn’t want to admit to this guy’s membership and he doesn’t seem to want to belong to the non-gay male membership, so, I can only conclude one thing. He likes dogs. It would explain his bizarre behaviour of only liking certain types of people over others. My dog doesn’t like all dogs. It would also explain how he looks. Everyone thinks he’s 63 and looks terrible but really, it’s in dog years. He is actually 441 years old and has been cloned 10x of the original guy. Everyone knows that copies are just plain bad. In his case, they are terrifying.

    • Hey Bel! (Loved your comment!)

      Believe me, you weren’t the only one who was miserable about having to read up on this asshole. With every article I read, the urge to choke the ever loving shit out of him grew exponentially. I have had MORE than my fill of Michael Jeffries, and after this week, I will never think on him again.

      While I don’t really care about his personal life, I think he probably is a total closet case (be it for his attraction towards other men, or dogs) – I think his generation still believes being gay is something to be ashamed about. And while part of me thinks it’s sad that someone feels the need to hide or deny their true self to anyone, the other part of me thinks that it’s no reason to be an asshat.

      • Sorry, he has also been tossed out of dog world. I hit send before I spoke to my dogs and they all agree wholeheartedly with you that he is an “asshat” and do not want to admit to admittance in their dog world. In fact, they said, “woof, woof, grrrr, grrr, #!@#, grrrr”. I am paraphrasing but they were so upset that I couldn’t ask them to repeat. Therefore, I conclude since no group in the world will claim him as their own, he is is an alien. It would explain so much.

  14. I have never shopped at this store because the clothes would never fit me at all. I am a plus size girl so the store would never get business from me. Every time I pass by the store the music is too loud for me wanting to enter the store.

    • Agreed – I never wanted to go in that store to begin with because of the music and/or migraine inducing odors wafting out of it. Add Michael Jeffries to that already annoying package, and now I have several good reasons to avoid that store like it’s selling STDs rather than overpriced t-shirts.

      • Yeah the odors from the perfume coming out of the store would give me a migraine too. Sensitive to smells like that. Plus I have never had the money to buy the clothes from the store anyway when I was in school and now. Didn’t want to dress like all the other kids in my high school.

  15. The first time I saw this quote as a post, I prayed it was a joke because surely no one could be that much of an ass. But apparently, yes…one can be that much of an ass. It’s one thing for your company to refuse to make clothing for larger people…it’s another thing entirely to basically say, “No, we won’t make clothes for fat people because F&$% fat people.”

    I was the odd one growing up…I never wanted anything name brand. I had an ADIDAS jacket and a pair or two of Calvin Klein jeans at one point, but only because other people bought them for me. I just never understood why I would care about a pair of jeans with a brand-name label that was hardly visible, when instead I could get three or four pairs of jeans from Walmart for the same amount of money, Yeah, I was an odd kid. But I pray that my daughter grows up the same way, because now that I’m actually old enough to understand, brand name stuff and the elitist attitudes that come with it really disgust me. Up yours, Michael Jeffries.

  16. I can honestly say most of my clothes currently come from Walmart and Target and A&F was never on my radar. My first reaction to this guy was “Well done”. He proudly stated his vision for his company. It may be ugly but he had every right to say it. I hope people stand by what they feel and don’t give this company anymore business. Thanks Mr. Jeffries for not making me look to hard for a reason not to buy your clothes.

    • “Well done”? That’s a surprising first reaction. I don’t think there’s anything to be prideful about when the end result of your success is making other people feel like crap. I think it’s possible to be self-confident and have a strong vision for yourself (both personally and professionally), while still being kind-hearted and generous.

      But I will always stand by someone’s right to speak their mind – even if that person is as hurtful as Michael Jeffries. I also stand by my right to call him a multi-million dollar douche bag, and anyone else’s right to disagree with me. Gotta love freedom of speech.

  17. Pingback: Are You Cool Enough For Michael Jeffries? | LAURA HORODYSKI – A Day in the Life

    • BR –

      Boy, we are really running the gamut of topics this morning huh? From PTSD to elitist douche bags 🙂

      I think you’re right, Michael Jeffries is a man who never grew out of the school bully mentality. The fact that a man who is nearly 70-years old is still using phrases like “not-so-cool kids” is ridiculous. What grown person still thinks in terms of people being cool and uncool? He’s like a 12-year old stuck in a really gruesome body.

  18. What can I say that you haven’t already heard! This was freaking awesome! You go my fellow big-boobed woman, I will definitely rally behind you shouting “Amen!” after every point you so brilliantly make!
    Plus you made me pee a little from laughing, so thanks for that.

    • Thanks for the nomination!! While I have oodles of appreciation for you thinking enough of my blog to give me an award, I’m afraid that my chronic laziness will impede me from paying it forward.

  19. My left boob and your left boob should hang out. Michael Jeffries is a singularly unattractive man, both inside and out, obviously. And you’re right, if he had said, “We don’t want black people wearing our clothes,” he would have been massacred. But fat is still fair game. You can even get away with being fairly unattractive facially, as long as you aren’t fat. That’s the most egregious sin of all, apparently.

    I feel for your daughter because kids are so susceptible to peer pressure, etc, but hopefully she’ll understand in time that you weren’t being a Parent Nazi, you were trying to show her that we need to stand up against imbeciles like Jeffries.

    • Madame Weebles –

      Wow, I feel like blogging royalty just visited my site – you’re like Bono and the Queen of England all rolled into one. Had I known you were going to stop by, I would have spruced the place up a bit…. and put on pants.

      I hope our left boobs become the best of friends! They can start out by bonding over their mutual hatred of Michael Jeffries. Which will most likely lead to a bitchfest about the cruel nature of gravity and underwires – once my boob gets going on a good rant, it’s very hard to stop her.

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